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Call Recording Tops Desired Call Center Software Capabilities

Software Advice recently analyzed a random selection of 385 of their interactions with thousands of buyers searching for call center software to uncover behaviors and preferences of call center software buyers, identify their most common pain points and pinpoint the

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Is there a Shelf Life for a BPO Executive?

A lot of has been written about employee attrition in call centers. Call Centers have a relatively high employee attrition rate compared to other industries. Companies invest a lot of efforts and resources to retain call center executives. While working

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Real-time Speech Analytics solutions have become a reality

The primary objective for any contact center is to enhance the end-user experience while resolving their issues in the least possible time and cost. Voice of the Customer, collected via various sources, plays an important part in understanding and analysing

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What is making news in Outsourcing?

Falling for “Her” The beautiful, dark and intriguing world of “Her” is a signal that the exploration of artificial intelligence, voice and natural language technologies – creating avatars that understand, listen and decipher what we say – is something that

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Unlock the power of Referrals!

In the quest to acquire new business and clients, small & mid-sized BPO / IT companies look to explore all possible options: social networking, direct mails, cold calling, conferences and outsourcing consultants. However, most of them fail to utilize the

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Small BPO Sales Strategy

Unlike the big players in the outsourcing industry, small and medium sized call centers and IT companies have their unique challenges with respect to Sales, Client Management and Process Improvement. The most important question for all Small & Medium Call

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