Examples of Six Sigma Application in BPO

Example 1: Increase in Customer Satisfaction for a Healthcare BPO

CSAT Improvement

  • Key findings of the project
    • Errors in claim adjudication (over or under payment)
    • Avoiding ownership of cases
    • Compliance to process guidelines
    • Missed call backs
  • Key actions implemented
    • Introduction of an advanced IVR system to address general customer queries without human intervention
    • Level 2 or Supervisor intervention for complex and specified case types
    • Development of a new case logging and monitoring software
    • Outbound triggers and Call Back Management system
  • Results
    • Improvement in Customer Satisfaction scores from 69.4% to 79.3%
    • Process Sigma improved from 1.32 to 3.96


Example 2: Reduction in Repeat Calls for a leading Telecommunications Company

Repeat Reduction

  • Key findings of the project
    • Manual case tracking leading to errors
    • No co-ordination between onshore and offshore support teams
    • No common repository for solutions
    • Guidelines for handoffs between various departments not defined
    • Top call drivers leading to defects identified
  • Key actions implemented:
    • Development of a new CRM with one-click case assignment and transfer feature
    • 3 tier alert system for follow-up and closure of pending cases
    • Web based troubleshooting guide with in-built agent feedback mechanism
  • Results
    • Reduction in repeat call % from 13.6% to 5.8% in 3 months
    • Process Sigma improved from 0.63 to 3.20

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Business Strategy Consultant

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